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About Us For Your Good Health

Salveo Diagnostics

To medical providers who recognize that most, if not all, chronic disease starts in the gut – Salveo Diagnostics is the premier, chronic disease-focused laboratory. Salveo provides a unique and compelling program to help physicians and patients uncover the root cause of their chronic disease symptoms enabling tailored disease-specific therapies, rather than the typical ‘one size fits all,’ band-aid approach.

Scientists at Salveo have taken a complicated subject matter and packaged it into a meaningful and usable tool for physicians and their patients. Peer reviewed, evidence-based literature is used to develop a lab report with interpretative comments that guide physicians to appropriate therapies and engage patients in their ‘own’ health care. Nutritional and lifestyle support is included to assist physicians in improving outcomes.

The Salveo approach is unlike the typical generalized approach. It offers physicians the opportunity to isolate the specific disease state and root cause, decreasing medical care costs as well as patient frustration, getting them off the ‘merry-go-round’ of short term, often expensive ‘band-aid approach’ fixes and puts patients on the right path to good health.


Our Philosophy:

We believe that laboratory testing is the most effective and economical method to identify the root cause of chronic diseases and thus the appropriate individualized therapy to restore each patient to a healthy state of well-being. Further, by using a Value Added Laboratory (VAL) approach – collaboration between the laboratory, clinicians, health educators, researchers and ultimately the patient – we can help transform the physician-patient relationship for dramatically improved health outcomes.


Our Approach:

Provide physicians with a streamlined program to uncover the root cause of chronic gastrointestinal issues in their patients – getting to the root of the matter – thereby helping to diagnose and personalize treatment for the underlying causes of their patients’ symptoms. Provide actionable tools and support for optimal patient engagement. Educate physicians and patients about the importance of gut health, and the connection between gut health and chronic disease.


Our Expertise:

We are a team of scientists, clinical experts, and health educators, dedicated to chronic disease testing and health management. With more than 75 years of collective experience, our expertise includes:

  • Clinical utility of biomarkers for early detection, prevention, and treatment of chronic disease
  • Laboratory test development, validation, and implementation
  • Clinical laboratory operations, including process efficiency, quality assurance, and compliance
  • Scientific research in the field of chronic disease
  • More than 200 published manuscripts in peer-reviewed scientific literature
  • Interpretive comments and treatment suggestions for physicians
  • Nutrition counseling, motivational interviewing, and health behavior change