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Patients Receiving a Check from Your Insurance Carrier

How to Forward a Check you Have Received for Salveo’s Services

Thank you for giving SALVEO DIAGNOSTICS an opportunity to serve you. The SALVEO billing team is going to/have billed your insurance on your behalf. Please note, SALVEO DIAGNOSTICS is an out-of-network provider.

What it means to be an out-of-network provider?

Insurance payments made to SALVEO are sometimes mailed to the patient. 

What is patient responsibility in this regard?

When you receive a payment/check from the insurance, please sign and write “Pay to the Order of Salveo Diagnostics” on the back of the check and send the check to SALVEO DIAGNOSTICS or

Make a payment to SALVEO DIAGNOSTICS, INC. for the amount you received from the insurance company and include a copy of the Explanation of Benefits that you received.


Please note: If we have not received a signed check or payment from the patient, within 30 days of insurance payment, SALVEO will invoice the patient. IF WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED PAYMENT WITHIN 30 DAYS OF INVOICE DATE TO THE PATIENT, INVOICE IS ROUTED TO THE COLLECTION AGENCY.


All checks are mailed to the below address:



PO BOX 65064

BALTIMORE, MD 21264-5064


In case you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to assist. Please call Client Services @ 844 725-8365, option 1 or e-mail us at