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Physicians Gut-Heart Connection

The relevance of gut health to cardiometabolic health cannot be overstated.

It is known that untreated inflammatory bowel diseases (e.g., ulcerative colitis, celiac disease) can increase risk for heart attack, stroke, and death related to cardiovascular disease. Studies now show an important connection between metabolism, gut microbial composition, and cardiovascular risk.1,2 The gastrointestinal tract and its resident microbes (collectively, the microbiota) are the seat of the body’s immune surveillance system, protecting the body from millions of antigens (e.g., foods, environmental toxins) passing through each day. The intestinal microbiota is thus intimately involved in mucosal immunity. Shifts in its composition or that of its metabolites have been directly implicated in chronic inflammatory conditions that affect heart health:3-10

·  Dyslipidemia

·  Atherosclerosis

·  Diabetes

·  High BMI

·  Insulin Resistance

·  Chronic Kidney Disease

·  High Blood Pressure

·  Fatty Liver Disease

·  Heart Failure


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