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Physicians Salveo Billing Policy

Salveo Billing Information



Salveo Diagnostics, Inc. (“Salveo”) has enacted a simple, fair billing policy to make high-quality and affordable testing available to all patients.



( Patients with PPO plans. )

Salveo will bill the patient’s insurance provider as an out-of-network laboratory. PLEASE NOTE:

    • Patients with HMO plans can only use Patient Pay. Please refer to the “Patient Pay” section below.
    • Patients covered by commercial health insurance must provide current insurance and personal contact information (valid email address and phone number) clearly on all Salveo requisitions and order forms.


Insurance Plan Coverage

If your patient’s insurance has covered the full cost of their Salveo testing, their total payment responsibility will have been met and they will not receive any additional bills from Salveo.  If your patient’s plan does not cover the full cost of their testing, they will receive an additional bill. Providers may ask their Salveo Sales Representative for an estimate of the maximum out-of-pocket responsibility their patient should expect. If your patient has questions regarding their bill, they should contact our Billing Department at 844-725-8365.

If Your Patient Receives A Check From Their Insurer

Insurance plans may send an Explanation of Benefits (EoB) to your patient detailing the full list price of our testing. This is not a bill. Some insurance plans, such as BCBS, may include a check intended to pay for Salveo’s lab services in the mail along with the EoB. If the insurance company sends a check directly to your patient as payment for Salveo services, it is your patient’s responsibility to pay Salveo by either:

    • Writing “Pay to the Order of Salveo Diagnostics, Inc.” on the back of the check, signing it, and mailing the check to Salveo at the address below.
    • Mailing a personal check payable to Salveo Diagnostics, Inc. equal to the amount received from the insurance company, along with a copy of the Explanation of Benefits.

All checks must be mailed to: SALVEO DIAGNOSTICS INC. PO BOX 65064 BALTIMORE, MD 21264-5064. If your patient does not send payment within 30 days of receiving the check, Salveo reserves the right to use a third party (e.g., collection agency) to collect payment.  For additional payment methods please see Ways To Submit Payment below.


(patients without health insurance or with HMO plans) Patient Pay applies if your patient elects to pay for testing without submitting a claim to their insurance company. Patients with HMO plans must use Patient Pay. 

      • Patients will receive an invoice for the Patient Pay amount within 3 weeks of testing.
      • Salveo may offer discounts for prompt payment submission of Patient Pay testing.
      • All Patient Pay invoices will be due within 15 days of receipt.
      • A finance charge equal to 1.5% may be added to all past due invoices at Salveo’s discretion.


Patient Pay Only Tests

FoodSense™ Food Sensitivity Profile (blood):  $199 (when no other blood test is ordered) Adrenal Health Profile (saliva) – Cortisol (x4 timepoints) + DHEA (x1 timepoint):  $99 A full Patient Pay price list for à la carte testing is available at

Custom Profiles

Based on medical necessity, each ordering clinician can create customized Salveo test profiles (“Custom Profiles”) with discounted Patient Pay prices by contacting their Sales Representative. Examples of custom profiles can be provided upon request. Salveo also offers standard Gut Health Profiles and Disease-Specific Profiles at discounted Patient Pay prices. Examples are available upon request. 

Kit & Shipping Fees


  • A shipping and handling fee will be added to all à la carte Patient Pay transactions.
  • For Custom Profiles ordered in the contiguous United States, the shipping and handling fee is included in the price.




  • Medicaid patients from the states of KS, NE, SC, and NC will be billed if Medicaid assigns a part of the service as patient responsibility.
  • Patients with other state Medicaid programs please refer to Patient Pay options above.



Please refer to the “Commercial Health Insurance” section above.



Patients who are unable to pay for Salveo testing due to financial hardship may be eligible to apply for our Payment Assistance Program by contacting the Salveo Billing Department at 844-725-8365.


If your patient is currently enrolled in an HSA/HRA account, it is important that they understand how their insurance company will process their laboratory claim.  Upon receipt of the claim, your patient’s insurance company will determine whether to approve payment for the laboratory services provided. Based on how the HSA/HRA is structured, the insurance company may automatically debit funds from your patient’s HSA/HRA account at the tests’ list price(s) and remit payment to the laboratory without requiring consent from the patient.



  • Pay over the phone by calling the Salveo Billing Department at 844-725-8365
  • Use the online payment portal
  • Send a check made payable to Salveo Diagnostics to:
  • SALVEO DIAGNOSTICS INC. PO BOX 65064 BALTIMORE, MD 21264-5064  PLEASE NOTE: If you have questions about our Billing Policy, please call us at 844-725-8365.