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Patients Sample Collection: Saliva

Patient Saliva Collection and Shipping Instructions

Please check to make sure that you received all supplies necessary to successfully collect your saliva sample. If you did not receive all of the supplies (listed below) from your physician or have any questions regarding the collection of your saliva sample, please call our customer service department at 844-725-8365.

Kit Components:

  • Corrugated shipping box
  • 4 saliva collection tubes
  • Clear plastic biohazard bag containing absorbent strip
  • FedEx Clinical Lab Pak
  • FedEx Return Label
  • Requisition with labels Additional labels (may not be needed if labels were provided with requisition)
  • Ice pack- please place in freezer upon receipt

Saliva Collection Preparation: 

Please read all of the instructions below vefore attempting to collect your saliva sample.  Failure to adhere to the colletion process may result in your sample being rejected upon receipt at Salveo Diagnostics.  Please call 844-725-8365 if you have any questions prior to collection.


  • If you brush your teeth during the day, please wait one hour before collection your saliva
  • Do not use lip products on day of collection
  • If you make a mistake during collection, rinse out the entire tube with hot water
  • Do not use soap.  Shake out the remaining water and start the collection process over
  • With the exception of morning collection, which should follow an overnight fast, do not eat any snacks or have any liquids or tobacco for 45 mintues prior to saliva collections


  • Press the tip of your tonque against your teeth
  • Yawn
  • Smell yourfacorite food or even smelling a lemon can help, too

Saliva Collection:
Step 1: Rinse mouth with water 5 minutes prior to each collection.

Step 2: Fill out the label that corresponds to the time of day when you collect each sample. You must choose the correct label for the time of day you are collecting (e.g., Morning Sample, as shown) and include your name, date of birth, collection day/time (and time of waking for the Morning Sample label).
Morning Sample


Date of Birth:

Waking Time:

Collection Date/Time:

Step 3: Begin collecting by allowing saliva to pool in your mouth and then transferring it into the tube.

Step 4: Fill the tube to 3 mL (not including bubbles). Collection could take up to 15 minutes, depending on your saliva flow.

Step 5: When done, cap the sample tightly and affix filled-out label to the tube.

Step 6: Using the conditions indicated below, repeat steps 1-5 for all collections.

A. Morning, Fasting Sample: following your routine sleep-wake schedule, collect 30 minutes after waking (prior to any breakfast or drinks and after an overnight fast, ≥8 hours).

B. Noon Sample: collect between 11 AM and 1 PM, prior to noon meal.

C. Evening Sample: collect between 4 PM and 6 PM, prior to evening meal.

D. Night Sample: collect between 10 PM and midnight.

Step 7: Please refrigerate all samples until you are ready to ship.  Remember to include the frozen ice pack (ideally frozen overnight, but at least 8 hours prior to packing) in the shippinh container.  Once the container has been taped shut with the appropriate contents, it must be mailed within 24 hours of collection and should not be left in a location that heats up, such as a car during the summer months.

Packaging and Shipping of Sample:

Step 1: Place completed requisition in the front pouch of the biohazard bag.
** If you have been asked to collect a stool sample for testing, please note that the saliva samples may be shipped with the stool. Place the biohazard bag within the insulated container and proceed to step 4 below.

Step 2: Place the biohazard bag in the provided corrugated box.

Step 3: Place corrugated box in provided FedEx Clinical Pak and seal shut. Place preprinted FedEx return label on the outside of the Clinical Pak.

Step 4: Call 1-800 GoFedEx to schedule a pick up within 24 hours of final collection.