Is your food trying to tell you something?

Though many people suffer from food allergies that present with immediate symptoms, an increasing number of individuals suffer from food sensitivity – a delayed reaction to certain foods that can occur hours to days after consumption. This adverse reaction to foods can over-activate the immune system creating inflammation in the body and a variety of symptoms, e.g., headaches, fatigue, joint pain and arthritis, anxiety/depression, skin rashes, abdominal pain, bloating, and diarrhea.

Salveo Diagnostics has developed the FoodSenseTM test to identify food sensitivities and scientifically assess which foods could be at the root of chronic health problems. Our health coaches and nutritionists at SalveoSynergi are then available to help patients get on track to an improved diet and healthier lifestyle.

The FoodSenseTM test report lists the specific foods – over 200 of them – that are tested from a collected blood sample, and displays them in two easy-to-read formats:

Order of Reactivity – foods are listed by strength of antibody reaction.
Food Groups – foods are listed alphabetically within their respective food group.


Foods Tested

FoodSense tests IgG reactivity to 222 different foods, the most on the market. Foods are organized by order of reactivity and food category.