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Physicians Root Cause of GI Imbalance

GI Imbalance and Chronic Disease

The gut is home to trillions of bacteria and other microbes (the gut microbiota) that support digestion and absorption of food, regulate the integrity and function of the gut lining (mucosa), train and modulate the immune system, and communicate with the brain about energy uptake (via hormones and neurotransmitters) that affects mood and overall well-being.

In the healthy state, this ecosystem maintains a delicate balance to protect the body against infection while preventing tissue-damaging immune overreactions and inflammatory responses to numerous bacterial and foreign food antigens. Disturbance of this homeostatic coexistence in the gut is associated with many chronic diseases, at least partly stemming from inflammation or immune system dysregulation triggered by infections, food sensitivity, maldigestion/malabsorption of food, intestinal dysbiosis, and/or intestinal permeability.

A recent explosion of scientific research worldwide, including the Human Microbiome Project (HMP),13 is providing new insights into the importance of the gut as the “gateway to good health” and giving new meaning to the phrase “you are what you eat.”

In fact, most functional GI disorders, including IBS, comprise a number of different, often treatable, conditions that can be diagnosed or ruled out with the use of serum and fecal biomarkers.14-16 Such biomarkers give important clues into the underlying causes, e.g., intestinal dysbiosis, celiac disease/gluten sensitivity, maldigestion/malabsorption of food, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), food allergies or other immune dysregulation, and bacterial/fungal/parasitic infections. This information is critical to being able to effectively treat the disorder and restore the patient (and their gut) to a state of health, by means of dietary interventions, specific supplements, medications, and/or more targeted tests.

Salveo Diagnostics and its team of medical experts have created a streamlined program that incorporates scientifically supported, evidence-based tests along with an intuitive and informative lab report, and a professionally-trained network of nutritional health counselors, to help you personalize diagnosis and tackle this growing challenge head on. Our Gut Health Assessment will provide clinical information to help you treat the underlying cause of the disease rather than just the symptoms. The tests assess several broad areas of potential dysfunction:

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