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Physicians Salveo Billing Policy

Salveo Diagnostics, Inc. Billing Policy

Salveo Diagnostics, Inc. has enacted a simple, fair, and easy-to-understand billing policy to deliver high-quality and affordable testing to all patients. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our billing policy, please call us at 844-725-8365 or e-mail us at

Commercial Insurance Patients Salveo will bill the patient’s insurance provider as an out-of-network laboratory. We offer two payment options for patient responsibilities and co-pays:

Option 1: Pre-Payment Discount

  • Once we have received the specimen and the patient has enrolled in our Payment Assistance Program by providing a valid e-mail address, mobile telephone number, or payment authorization form, we will invoice the patient for 25% of the total ordered testing price, with the following maximum and minimum amounts: $125 maximum for blood testing, $149 maximum for stool testing, and $50 maximum for saliva testing. The minimum bill for all testing is $50.
  • If the patient’s balance is paid upon receipt of the invoice, the paid amount will satisfy the patient’s responsibility.

Option 2: Prompt-Payment Discount

  • If Salveo Diagnostics has not received payment within 30 days of specimen receipt, any remaining balance not paid by insurance will be billed to the patient. If the patient enrolls in our Payment Assistance Program and pays their invoice within 15 days of receipt, the patient’s balance will be reduced to 25% of the total billed test price, with a maximum amount of $125 for blood testing, $149 for stool testing, and $50 for saliva testing. The minimum bill for all testing is $50. Additional processing fees of up to $25 may apply.
  • If the patient does not submit payment within 15 days of receipt of invoice, and is NOT enrolled in our Payment Assistance Program, the patient will owe the stated amount on their invoice

Payment Assistance Program

We offer a Payment Assistance Program for any patient that receives a high balance or patient responsibility due to a lack of insurance coverage, unmet deductible, or other circumstances. Patients may enroll in our Payment Assistance Program by:

  • Marking the check-box on our test requisition form(s)
  • Clicking on the check-box on our online bill portal
  • Direct contact to Salveo via phone or e-mail

If your insurance company sends a check directly to you as payment for our services, you must (i) sign and write “Pay to the Order of Salveo Diagnostics” on the back of the check and send the check to us or (ii) make a payment to Salveo Diagnostics, Inc. for the amount you received from the insurance company and include a copy of the Explanation of Benefits that you received. If we have not received a signed check or payment from the patient, within 30 days, Salveo will invoice the patient. All checks should be sent to:

PO BOX 65064
BALTIMORE, MD 21264-5064

Medicare Patients

Salveo participates in Medicare. In some cases Medicare may deny a claim or only partially cover a claim because the testing is a “non-covered service,” is deemed “not medically necessary,” or because your provider is considered a “non-referring provider.” In these cases, if you signed an Advanced Beneficiary Notice at the time of service, you will receive an invoice for the remaining balance.

Health Savings Account (HSA) Insurance/Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)

If you are currently enrolled in a HSA/HRA account, it is important to understand how your insurance company will process the laboratory claim. Upon receipt of the claim, your insurance company will determine how they will process and approve the laboratory services provided. In some instances, the patient will have financial responsibility associated with the claim, i.e., an annual deductible, co-insurance, and/or co-payment. Based on how the HSA/HRA is structured, the insurance company may automatically debit the funds in your HSA/HRA account at list prices and remit payment to the laboratory without requiring consent of the patient.

Salveo Diagnostics has established a market price for our testing. We are not able to identify, at the time of testing, that you have an HSA/HRA account which results in possible payment at list prices. Once you receive your Explanation of Benefits, please contact our billing advocates at 844-725-8365 and if eligible, we will refund any amount paid in excess of the established market prices.

Cash/Self Pay (Non-Insurance) Patients

If you elect to pay for your testing without submitting a claim to your insurance company, you should submit a payment authorization form along with your samples. You can select either one payment for the full amount or two split payments (split payments deduct half of the balance upon receipt of the sample at the laboratory and the other half of the balance 30 days later). Methods of Payment Accepted: 

  • Major credit card – Visa, Mastercard and AMEX are accepted
  • Check, e-Check or money order

Ways to Submit Payment:

  • Payment authorization form
  • Via phone call to client services at 844-725-8365
  • Via secure online payment portal